weight loss progress 

Saturday morning weigh-in: 414.1lbs. Hit a slight bump in the road so I'm not quite where I'd hoped by this time. One week to go for the last 5.4lbs which is still doable.

Buying new clothes next week and getting ready for Zeitgeist, Ubi Mtl's annual BBQ!

2am thunderstrike overhead fried my Google wifi, Videotron cable modem, a network switch and possibly my ethernet card on my main PC. Very glad I kept a backup router so I can at least get internal services (Plex) back up.

Videotron internet is down anyways so even if my modem was spared, I'd still be unable to work.

weight loss progress 

Today's weigh-in: 417.6lbs. My goal these past two weeks was to lose 7.7lbs. I've finished with a total of 10.1lbs lost. New goal for next two weeks: 8.5lbs.

I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and all of this would have just been a dream but it's somehow really happening.

I know I haven't been posting fun stuff from my personal projects recently but there's a reason for that. I've turned the intense focus needed by those projects on myself and the weight loss journey.

I'll have more fun stuff to share soon.

Just visited my mom in the nursing home. First time seeing her since ~3 years ago. Was a bit worried that I wouldn't have the strength, but it was fine.

weight loss progress 

The dumbells got a bit lighter, the crunches got a bit easier. Hit my 7.7lbs goal in two weeks a few days early, ending this morning at 419.6lbs.

Promoted to project manager this morning. :D

Fuck struggling, it's time to fly.

How to know you're doing well with your weight loss lifestyle change:

The manager at your local Domino's calls to make sure you're not dead.

weight loss progress 

Saturday morning weigh-in: 427.7lbs, down 3.1lbs since last Saturday. Missed my (purposely) very agressive 2 week goal of 9.5lbs by 2.7lbs. I hit a few roadblocks in the past week, but rallied towards the end. Still, 6.8 pounds lost in two weeks is nothing to sneeze at.

Next goal: 7.7 lbs in the next two weeks. Let's go!

Three years ago, I was visiting someone selling NES games when he pulled out this bootleg of Panic Restaurant. Neither of us could stop laughing at it.

weight loss progress 

Saturday morning weigh-in: 435.1lbs -> 430.8lbs, 4.3lbs down since Tuesday. First time under 50% body fat at 49.8%. 7 days and 5.8 pounds to go, it's going to be tight (unlike my pants).

Previous boost: Looks like people are putting together track packs and music packs for BallisticNG based on Wipeout. Might give this a shot!

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Smashing Pumpkins taking Jane's Addiction out on tour with them this fall. Sounds like an awesome show to me.

The less time you spend commenting on english/french language arguments in r/montreal on Reddit, the happier you'll be.

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